At the PoRO Lab we study how the physical properties of rocks are reflected in geophysical signatures by combining elastic laboratory experiments, geophysical well logs and field data. We are passionate to explore any cool topic that relates rocks, gadgets, high pressures and fluids! We are close collaborators of the Physical Acoustics Lab.

Together with Kasper van Wijk, Dan Hikuroa and collaborators we love to ImagePOROLABenlighten kids about the geophysics and geoscience through the Seismometers in New Zealand Schools project: Ru. Finally, communicating (geo)science to people anywhere between 5 and 90 years old makes my day! (including our two little kids!)



  • Shreya graduated!
    Huge congratulations to Shreya on her PhD graduation. She unfortunately was in absentia at Auckland, but that did not stop her with celebrating with family and friends in the US! We will celebrate when we see each other soon!
  • GRL #2 manuscript for Shreya!
    Continuing on the celebrations, Shreya's 2nd thesis chapter is not published as a GRL manuscript: High Remanent Magnetization Measured in Hydrothermally Altered Lavas. In this study we show that hydrothermal alteration in volcanoes is not always associated the low rocks magnetization. Moreover, it show that for Whakaari, remanent magnetization, dominates over induced magnetization. Congratulations Shreya!
  • Congratulations to Shreya Kanakiya for her PhD defence
    Hooray!  Shreya had an excellent defence of her thesis yesterday. She had the examiner's questions thoroughly prepared and also answered all others very well. I'm not sure what measures as harder work for you Shreya, climbing Mt Taranaki or your thesis defense, but based on my observations I would go with Mt.Taranaki 🙂 Congratulations Dr.…
  • Shreya's GRL paper on volcanic conduit alteration is out!
      Congratulations to Shreya Kanakiya for publishing her first paper of her PhD thesis! This is one of many to come ... Her Geophysical Research Letters publication entitled The Role of Tuffs in Sealing Volcanic Conduits describes how acid-sulphate alteration aids the sealing of a volcanic conduit. She presents evidence of how this type of…
  • Congratulations to James Clarke
      Three out of three! Congratulations to James Clarke for publishing his third manuscript entitled LP or VT signals? How intrinsic attenuation influences volcano seismic signatures constrained by Whakaari volcano parameters in JVGR. In this study we show how seismic wave attenuation and reverberations due to a shallow low-velocity layer can transform volcano-tectonic signals into…

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