At the PORO Lab we study how the physical properties of rocks are reflected in geophysical signatures by combining elastic laboratory experiments, geophysical well logs and field data. We are passionate to explore any cool topic that relates rocks, gadgets, high pressures and fluids! We are close collaborators of the Physical Acoustics Lab.

Together with Kasper van Wijk, Dan Hikuroa and collaborators we love to ImagePOROLABenlighten kids about the geophysics and geoscience through the Seismometers in New Zealand Schools project: Ru.

Finally, communicating (geo)science to people anywhere between 5 and 90 years old makes my day! (including our two little kids!)



  • James publishes his research in Geology. Congrats!
    Congratulations to James Clarke for an outstanding achievement by publishing the first part of his doctoral research in Geology! He studied the influence of fluid viscosity on seismic (acoustic) emissions signatures with implications on volcano monitoring. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE PAPER
  • Congrats to Evert on the final acceptance of his Geophysics paper!
    Dear all, please congratulate Evert on the acceptance of this 2nd manuscript from his PhD thesis. The manuscript entitled "A robust methodology for time-picking and error analysis of ultrasonic waveforms and rock densities in the laboratory" is now published in Geophysics. The code to perform such analysis is freely available to the community from HERE…
  • More celebrations for Shreya!
    Congratulations to Shreya for receiving the UoA R N Brothers Memorial Award! "The award is intended to assist a postgraduate research student to undertake field-based geological research in New Zealand or the SW Pacific". We are delighted with Shreya's and other PORO lab and PAL students' successes with scholarships and awards.

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