At the PORO Lab we study how the physical properties of rocks are reflected in geophysical signatures by combining elastic laboratory experiments, geophysical well logs and field data. We are passionate to explore any cool topic that relates rocks, gadgets, high pressures and fluids! We are close collaborators of the Physical Acoustics Lab.

Together with Kasper van Wijk, Dan Hikuroa and collaborators we love to ImagePOROLABenlighten kids about the geophysics and geoscience through the Seismometers in New Zealand Schools project: Ru.

Finally, communicating (geo)science to people anywhere between 5 and 90 years old makes my day! (including our two little kids!)



  • Evert's graduation
    Evert Duran graduated with fellow PAL members Jami Johnson-Shepherd and Sam Hitchman in the May Graduation Ceremony! Congratulations to all of them and all we wish them all best as they develop their post-doctoral lives. Evert, Kasper and I are very proud of your doctoral achievements!
  • Shreya and Steve's high success with scholarships
    Many congratulations to Shreya Kanakiya and Steve Brennan for receiving scholarships and awards that support their research! We thank all these entities and societies for their support. In less than a year Shreya has received the following scholarships: Chevron-SEG Student Leadership Programme, Society of Exploration Geophysics, 2019 Hutton Fund, Royal Society of New Zealand, 2019.…
  • Congratulations to Evert for his JGR article
    Congratulations to Evert for the acceptance of his 3rd an final paper of his PhD dissertation. Well done to get all your publications out! The paper published in the Journal of Geophysical Research is entitled "Mineral Alteration and Fracture Influence on the Elastic Properties of Volcaniclastic Rocks" and can be found in this link.

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