Shreya graduated!

Huge congratulations to Shreya on her PhD graduation. She unfortunately was in absentia at Auckland, but that did not stop her with celebrating with family and friends in the US! We will celebrate when we see each other soon!

GRL #2 manuscript for Shreya!

Continuing on the celebrations, Shreya’s 2nd thesis chapter is not published as a GRL manuscript: High Remanent Magnetization Measured in Hydrothermally Altered Lavas. In this study we show that hydrothermal alteration in volcanoes is not always associated the low rocks magnetization. Moreover, it show that for Whakaari, remanent magnetization, dominates over induced magnetization. Congratulations Shreya!

Congratulations to James Clarke

  Three out of three! Congratulations to James Clarke for publishing his third manuscript entitled LP or VT signals? How intrinsic attenuation influences volcano seismic signatures constrained by Whakaari volcano parameters in JVGR. In this study we show how seismic wave attenuation and reverberations due to a shallow low-velocity layer can transform volcano-tectonic signals into Read More…

Congratulations to Jirapat Charoensawan

Congratulations to Jirapat (Patt) for the publication of his Msc thesis as a journal article in Frontiers of  Earth Sciences. The numerical simulations and experiments show how the the contribution of mineral anisotropy vs that of oriented fractures influence elastic wave anisotropy for Alpine Fault mylonite rocks. The paper is entitled Fracture Shape and Orientation Read More…

Seismic signatures of protomylonite rocks in the Alpine Fault accepted in JGR

A team effort across several universities (Otago, EHT, Durham and Johannes Gutenberg Universitat-Mainz) has resulted in a publication accepted in the Journal of Geophysical Research entitled Seismic anisotropy and its impact on imaging the shallow Alpine Fault: an experimental and modeling perspective. We show that microfractures in Alpine Fault protomylonite rocks can remain open at Read More…

Evert’s graduation

Evert Duran graduated with fellow PAL members Jami Johnson-Shepherd and Sam Hitchman in the May Graduation Ceremony! Congratulations to all of them and all we wish them all best as they develop their post-doctoral lives. Evert, Kasper and I are very proud of your doctoral achievements!